Stay safe Μένουμε ασφαλείς

We all hope that the COVID-19 pandemic shall come to an end and while the vaccination is happening in a lot of countries, makes us believe in a more normal next day. However, the situation is still uncertain and we all should be careful and social distanced.

If you are imagining and organising your summer holidays, we strongly recommend considering yacht charter vacation. Last summer, a lot of travellers chose sailing, experiencing a whole new way of traveling, while staying safe.  Yachts offer holidays with social distancing “built-in”, since you are sharing a private boat with a small, close to you, group. It is possible for you to be flexible and avoid the crowds, by visiting secret, secluded beaches, of which Sporades Islands are plenty of, and still enjoy the activities you want.

We are trying our best to ensure your safety

According to the government regulations of the time. We do complete a full-scale sanitisation of the boat between every charter, including interior and exterior areas, and after it no one else goes on board before your arrival. So as the boat to be given to you safe and clean. Before the embarkation, you fulfil the necessary paperwork and you are given all the necessary guidelines and equipment, in order to keep track of your temperature and oxygen levels throughout your trip. If you choose a skippered or crewed charter, the staff members will be either vaccinated and/or self-tested. Also, they will be very careful, keep the boat clean, remind you the above-mentioned procedures and be checked every day as well.

Social distancing

In every case, a social distancing charter is not just about the yacht and crew. You should also get to the yacht and get home safely, maintain the personal hygiene and protection measures, and comply with the regulations of the time (you will either have to be fully vaccinated or have got a negative Covid-19 test certificate. You may find detailed information on As long as you comply with these regulation in order to enter the country, you are not obliged to repeat the procedures for the embarkation, if they are still true by the time of embarkation. For greek passengers, negative rapidor self test certificate (, performed max. 24h prior, is needed).

Stay safe

 With cooperative effort, we will be able to enjoy our sailing trips and beautiful islands in a carefree way again. Till then, stay safe, choose sail!

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