Sporades Islands Trails

Now that autumn has come and the weather is cooler, but still warm, the conditions are still ideal for sailing, but also other activities, such as trekking. Have you ever wondered about your possibilities of walking or hiking on an island? We know these activities are usually connected to mountains, but Sporades islands offer ideal landscapes for wandering and exploring, through beautiful, green paths. Let’s explore sporades islands trails!

Hiking in Alonissos

More specifically, Alonissos is the most popular hiking destination in Nothern Sporades, as it is a quiet, not overcrowded place, with intact landscapes. There are fifteen numbered and sign-posted routes, which help you walk around the island and admire nature. Some of them connect villages, while others lead you to the seaport or beaches. You can also combine them, in order to make a circular trek.

Walking in Skopelos

Skopelos with its green slopes, has also a lot to offer to island walkers. In the recent past few years, volunteers have put much effort into keeping the paths clear and signed. There are five common routes, but also many more worth exploring. When you walk through them, you will admire flowers, plane trees and pine trees, smell Greek nature and additionally, you can combine visiting monasteries and religious attractions.

Skiathos Trail

In addition, although Skiathos is mostly known for its night life, it can also be an important hiking destination. Here you can explore «Skiathos Trail», a special, quality certificated, 30 mile route, or any of the other 26 well – marked hiking routes in the island. While walking through, you will enjoy the shadows of the forests and the cool breeze of the streams.

Skiathos Trail

Palaio Trikeri Paths

Last but not least, a worth – mentioning trekking spot is Trikeri Island (Palaiό Trikeri). Although it does not belong to Sporades, it’s very close and a usual destination, especially if you’re sailing to Sporades. It is a small, but beautiful and peaceful island and there are four main routes. They are mostly easy and lead you either to important churches and monuments, or to calm beaches.

In every case, if you are an experienced hiker, you can ask information from the local authorities each time and with the help of maps and GPS (most of the routes are available online), it’s possible for you to explore them by yourself. On the other hand, you can always search for specialized businesses and guides that will be more than happy to lead you through the mysterious paths with safety.

Have fun on the Sporades Islands Trails!

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