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During this period, from December to end of February, our fleet gets to the dry dock that is located in a beach of Pelion in Pagasetic Gulf, a few kilometers away from our office in Volos, both for protection from the weather conditions of the winter and for its service.

Our crew works in a daily basis in waxing, polishing and antifouling both outside and inside our sailing yachts. Also, there is service in the engine room and in the electric and in the electronic systems for safe navigation during every cruise and under any condition. Bill Tsokos, owner of the “Sail Wιth Us” company, takes part of every work during the service as he is the supervisor under whose option and decision is made. The boats are “bare” as most of the equipment is dismantled and stored, such as the main sails, the ropes, the tents, etc.

Although “Angelina”, “Mila” and “Erika” are in the dry dock until service is done, our crew does not stop as it continues its practice and knowledge. Our skippers participate in sailing races during all year in order to be ready for the season of the sailing cruises both in Pagasetic Gulf and Sporades islands and in Aegean Sea all around Greece until our sailing boats are ready to get launched in sea again.

For those who want to visit our fleet and get into its rooms for free, they can visit them in the port of Volos in the flaoting boatshow from 14 to 17 of May and can have a conversation with our crew for any questions for the sailing yachts and our cruises.

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