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This image is about sailing using solar panels

Sailing vacations are considered as a luxury and a treat, but in fact they can be something more meaningful.

Sailing is indeed one of the most eco-friendly ways of travelling. So, you may assume that the waste of one sailing yacht is not enough to cause any significant harm.
However, the sailing community is spread all over the world, and the collective impact may lead to damage of the environment.

When you choose a boat for a week or more, it becomes your home for these days.
You can sleep, take showers, cook, and do every other everyday activity you want.
So, every little bit of an eco- protecting effort goes a long way.
In the list below, we give you some game-changing tips for a better planet!

Sail as much as you can

While sailing, wind is your friend, and it helps you travel without any noise or gas emissions.
So, as long as the weather conditions allow you to, having always your safety as a priority, you should avoid using the engine as much as you can.

Sailing slow and enjoy the sea

It may seem appealing to use full-on speed to reach your destination, but going slowly has more advantages.
The more you reduce the engine power, the less fuel is consumed, while you also have the opportunity to enjoy the journey and the sea view.

Use and keep clean the solar panels

All our sailing boats include solar panels, which save energy from the sun throughout the day and cover your energy needs when you are not anchored at a port. Remember to keep them clean, in order for them to be as useful as they can.

Use natural and eco-friendly soaps and detergents, while sailing

When you have a shower or wash the dishes, some of the water used is led directly to the sea and some detergents are full of chemicals, causing harm to the sea life. Prefer using natural soap and cleansers containing eco-friendly ingredients.

Say no to plastic

Replace one-use plastic with a reusable one for a better planet.

Most of the one-use plastic used generally, ends up in our oceans. So let’s try to use less, especially when we are so close to the sea.
Buy local, package-free products and do not hesitate to take your reusable coffee cups and water bottles with you on charter. In every case, keep every package and dispose them when you find a recycle bin.

Leave nature as you found it – or even better

Pagasetic Gulf and Sporades is a region where nature thrives. Emerald waters, green landscapes, caves compose a beautiful environment, home for a lot of species. Try to maintain the beaches you visit as good as you find them, or even better, by collecting any rubbish you find. Put a pair of gloves on and make it a game: whoever collects the most, wins! The next guests of the beach will be thankful!

We promise you, none of the above will lessen the fun of your holidays.
On the contrary, soon they will become a day-to-day habit, without even noticing them and you will feel great.

So, contact us and Sail with us for a better planet!

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