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Sail and Taste Ιστιοπλοΐα και Γεύσεις

Sailing in Sporades Islands, is a convenient way to visit as many different islands and places as you can, in one trip and also learn about them. So, what a better way to get to know about a place and its people, than tasting their food or even learning how to cook it?

In Sporades, as in almost every island, seafood is plenty and fresh, as fishing is a usual activity of the local people. Fried calamari, salted fish and oysters are some of the plenty types of meze, often combined with ouzo or tsipouro. In Alonissos Island, you can find extra fine tuna, cooked in traditional ways, while locals make good use of everything, such as their delicious soup from humble white fish. Pasta with lobster, «astakomakaronada», is a dish of lobster meat, spaghetti, tomato sauce and parsley (which is all you need to know in order to be convinced to try it) and you can find it mainly in Skyros, but also in other places. 

Pastry is also a field that Sporades’ cuisine thrives in. If you visit Skopelos, you should definitely try Skopelitiki «tiropita» (cheese-pie with feta cheese), where the «fillo» dough is roll- shaped and fried in local olive oil, until it gets crispy and golden. In Alonnisos, you can find «fouskakia», (meaning small bubbles), which are traditional small, spherical donuts, usually served warm, with honey, cinnamon or even ice-cream. Moreover, both in Alonnisos and Skopelos, you are able to taste «hamalia» , a traditional dessert, which is small portions of triangle shaped «fillo» crust, filled with almonds, honey, cinnamon and nutmeg, typically dusted with powdered sugar.

Speaking of desserts, spoon sweets, «glika tou koutaliou» are common in Greece and in Skopelos you may enjoy «Avgato», a siropi dessert, prepared with the Skopelitan avgato plum boiled in a specific way in sugar syrup. You can either have it as it is, or served with yogurt or accompanied by greek coffee.

We cannot believe that all these have left you unmoved, especially if you picture enjoying them after a long day of sailing, swimming and adventuring in the sea. So, if you love gastronomy and tasting… cultures, you should not hesitate to visit Sporades and enjoy all their treats!

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