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Bare Boat

Choose one of our fully equipped yachts and be the captain on your vacation. Our bareboat yacht charter services offer the perfect adventure for experienced sailors, adventure seekers, and privacy-loving travelers. Tailored for those with a sailing license or adequate experience, our fully equipped yachts allow you to be your own captain and chart your unique course across the seas.



Let your skipper initiate you into the secrets of sailing and show you the hidden beauties of our area. Our skippered charter services offer an effortless sailing experience, perfect for those who wish to enjoy the sea without the responsibility of captaining a yacht. With a professional skipper at the helm, guests can relax and explore stunning destinations worry-free, making it ideal for first-time sailors, families, or anyone seeking a stress-free adventure. Our charters cater to a variety of occasions, from romantic getaways to special celebrations, providing a personalized journey across the waters.



Enjoy a stress free holiday, giving the opportunity to your crew to take care of you. Your skipper will navigate you safely, while your hostess prepares the most delicious meals and cocktails. This premium option is perfect for guests who desire a worry-free and indulgent sea voyage, with every need catered to. Ideal for any occasion, from family holidays to romantic getaways or lavish celebrations, our crewed yacht rentals promise a seamless blend of safe navigation, homemade dining, and impeccable onboard service.


Unique Activities

Υou can ask us to arrange many different activities like snorkeling, diving, trekking and stand up paddling (S.U.P). Our Unique Activities service is designed for everybody, offering personalized arrangements for snorkeling, diving, trekking, and stand-up paddling (S.U.P).



Daily Cruises

Spend a unique day on board! Enjoy the sea, the sun and a perfect meal at some very special places. Leave early in the morning and enjoy the sunset while returning to your home port.

Embark on an unforgettable day trip, leaving behind all your worries as you set sail from Volos into the breathtaking Pagasetic Gulf. This 7-hour journey is not just a trip but an experience, inviting you to marvel at the spectacular sea views, visit the enchanting Paleo Trikeri Island, and indulge in a delightful array of activities and refreshments.

Highlights of Your Day Trip:

  • Spectacular Sea Views: Be mesmerized by the stunning vistas of the Pagasetic Gulf, a visual treat that promises to be the backdrop of your day.
  • Paleo Trikeri Island: Step onto the quaint shores of Trikeri Island. Here, you can savor a delicious lunch at a local taverna, immersing yourself in the authentic flavors of the region.
  • Sunset Views: As the day unwinds, watch the sun dip below the horizon, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink, a perfect moment to share with friends or family.
  • Leisure and Adventure: Bask in the sun on a comfortable sailboat, dive into the clear waters for a snorkeling adventure, or paddleboard your way around. The calm waters are your playground!
  • Refreshments Onboard: Enjoy a selection of snacks and sip on refreshing cocktails, ensuring your journey is as delightful to your taste buds as it is to your soul.

What’s Included:

  • Sailboat trip
  • Services of a skilled skipper and attentive hostess
  • A selection of soft drinks, water, and a crafted cocktail
  • An assortment of snacks
  • Multiple swim stops
  • Access to snorkeling and
  • SUP equipment
  • Free time to explore Trikeri Island.

We would be more than happy if we could help you with following steps


We arrange your transportation from the airport to the port of Volos. We could arrange a luxurious air conditioned taxi or we can assist in booking hire cars etc.


On arrival at Volos port you will be welcomed by a member of our team in order to show you your yacht.


On your arrival at your yacht a member of our crew will help you complete your official documents which we will need to take to the port police to get authorized.


If you pick the bareboat option we’ll spend time with you on arrival, open up a chart and offer suggestions on where to go. We will also discuss the weather for the week. Advice is available on bays and harbors, lively or quiet, the choice is yours. We can also advise on recommended taverns. If you pick the crewed/skipper option we will go over the itinerary together upon your arrival, depending on your preferences and the weather.


On your way to the port you can give us a call in order to organize a paddleboard or pick up pre-ordered provisioning that you might want for your holiday.


We run through your yacht in detail and ensure you understand how all the on board systems and equipment works. We use a comprehensive checklist to ensure that nothing is missed.

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