Meteora : An Impressive Region In Thessaly

Stretching from the Pindos Mountains to the Aegean Sea, the region of Thessaly occupies much of east-central Greece. There is one of Greece’s most captivating scenic attractions: the imposing, monastery-capped rock columns of Meteora.


Meteora means «suspended in space». A forest of stone monoliths rises perpendicular to the flat valley north of Kalambaka, south of Greece’s Pindus Mountains. Meteora can be reached by car or KTEL bus, while a train station is also available to the nearby town of Kalambaka.

The monastic complex of Meteora consists of monasteries built on extremely high and precipitous rocks, a seemingly impossible exploit. The landscape is awe-inspiring. The pillars of rock sculpted by prehistoric rivers and crowned by unearthly monasteries, are monuments to the power of nature and faith. It is considered one of the most important monastic locations in Greece. Also, this spectacular place is included in the World Heritage List, by UNESCO.


The first hermits arrived at the rocks of Meteora around 1100a.C. and until 1500a.C., there were founded 24 monasteries. Out of the 24 monasteries constructed there during the Byzantine times, only 6 are still operating and are open to the public.


Numerous travelers arrive every year to visit the astonishing monasteries on the tops of the rock formations. The biggest and most popular monastery is the Grand (Megalo) Monastery. The Grand Monastery has a unique architecture and designates the breathtaking view of the valley. If you want to visit a quieter one, then you should choose the Monastery of Agios Stefanos.


Nevertheless, the traditional monasteries are not the only reason why tourists mob this place; Many travelers also visit it to hike or rock-climb. There are trails that satisfy athletes of every level, from beginners to the most experienced. Regarding the landscape, it is, undoubtedly, perfect for nature exploration. 

So, before or after your sailing trip and while exploring the region, we surely suggest trying to combine visiting beautiful Meteora!

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