Honeymoon sailing trip


What a better idea than relaxing on board with your significant other, after the hectic preparations of your Wedding Day? A sailing trip for your honeymoon offers peaceful, romantic moments, with swimming, exploring and gazing sunsets.

Sailing trip destination

We definitely recommend the Sporades islands as a destination for your honeymoon sailing trip. The main islands (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, Skyros) are relatively close to each other. Also, the weather conditions are most of the time calm, making your sailing trip easy and enjoyable.

Admire the green landscapes, the beautiful coastal towns, as well as the unique beaches with golden sand and emerald waters, surrounded by lush nature. Each of the islands have such distinct personalities that your honeymoon can include everything. Enjoying nightlife in Skiathos, swimming in hidden beaches in Skopelos, discovering marine wildlife in Alonissos and relaxing in Skyros.

Romantic details

Sailing is by definition a romantic pursuit. Being one with nature’s elements as you sail the seas with the wind in your hair, dropping anchor and swimming in a secluded bay and dining at night under a starry sky.

Just the two of you on board on one of our yachts, discover the best beaches and swim in the crystal clear waters, for honeymoon under the hot sun of the Aegean Sea.

Experience the hospitality of the locals at all the small islands we will visit. Explore every day a new romantic island.Try the delicious dishes of seafood and all the local recipes at the recommended tavernas.

You can cooperate with each other and participate in sailing if you like or just relax and let the crew take care of everything for you.

Irrespective of whether you have chartered before or you are completely new to this type of holiday, we guarantee that you and your spouse will have one of the best adventures of your lives. If you are on the hunt for that unique honeymoon escape, sail with us!

Best wishes for a fun-filled future together!

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