Aerial yoga above the sea

Do you think that sailing for more than one day is boring? Do you think that when you are on board on a sailing boat is just for swimming and for parties? The answer is no! Sometimes, depending on your interests, you can combine other sport activities.

One of the activities you can enjoy during sailing is yoga and aerial yoga! Here, you can see the first experience of aerial yoga that took place on May of 2016. Evi Rampaouni, an instructor of aerial yoga in the Independance Studio in Volos, and her team rent our S/Y ERIKA to have an experience of aerial yoga above the sea level. Departing from the port of Volos, we navigated the boat about two hours in the Pagasetic  gulf and arrived in the area of some desert islands called “Mikra” which are located close to the island Trikeri.

The weather was sunny and calm and the sea looked like a lake as it is most of the days in a year. The crew of S/Y ERIKA helped Evi to fasten safely her sheet on the boom and tightened it on the right side some centimeters above the sea level. Evi enjoyed such an exciting experience listening to meditation music under the sun surrounded by the full of plants scenery of Pelion mountain for a couple of minutes as she preferred to dive and swim in the clear cool sea. Since then, a lot of passengers ask about this or such activities as long as they are on board.

So, if you want to combine sport activities during your sailing cruises, you can ask us about which sport activities we can organize for you. If you want to enjoy aerial yoga during sailing in Sporades islands, do not hesitate to SAIL WITH US!

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