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We are a group of enthusiastic experienced professionals that aim to show you the hidden beauty of Sporades islands and surrounding area.

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Company Director & Head Skipper

Founded the company 22 years ago. Vassilis was an athlete in optimist and laser team from 1986 to 1996. He has been a passionate sailor and a professional skipper since 1997, while he has also been a sailing instructor since 2005 in Volos Sailing School (NOVA). Vassilis, as a local, knows all the hidden gems of our region. He speaks fluent Greek and English.
Head Skipper
GIORGOS cruises



Giorgos has been a sailor since 2005 and working as a skipper since 2010. He is also local and knows the region very well. He is a very friendly person and he speaks both Greek and English.

ELENI cruises


Sales & Marketing Director

Eleni is a marketing and sales professional, with a Masters in Services Management and many years of working experience in sales and marketing fields. She joined our team in 2016 and she is the Communication and Sales specialist. She speaks Greek, English and German and has a sailing certificate.



Yacht charter & Business development

Sonia joined our team in 2023 and is responsible for reservations, marketing, and customer communication. With a background in economics and over ten years of experience in various tourism sectors, she possesses excellent organizational and communication skills. She manages both the back office and customer communications with responsibility, accuracy, and consistency, thus ensuring an exceptional experience for them.



Customer Service and Hostess

With more than 10 years of sailing experience in optimist and laser class, Eva also has been working as a youth instructor in Volos Sailing Club (NOVA) since 2014. Her passion for the sea lead her to working as a hostess since 2015 and she is responsible for keeping our yachts fully equipped and spotlessly clean for your arrival. Eva speaks fluent Greek and English.

Giorgos cruises


Customer Service

Giorgos is a sailor in laser team in sailing club of Volos (NOVA), member of the Greek National team and a champion in Greece for laser class. He speaks Greek and English and he also keeps our yachts fully equipped and spotlessly clean for your arrival.

Maria's photo cruises



Maria came to our team from New Jersey, she is a native English and Greek speaker and also speaks Italian. She is a great cook and specializes in children entertainment. She also has a sailing certificate and loves sailing.

Skiathos sailing Sporades

Unique cruises for unique people

There’s something magical about Sporades islands, it combines so many different images, flavors, amazing beaches, adventure and serenity.

So we decided to tailor make amazing cruises and experiences to completely satisfy your needs. We create and plan unique cruises like nothing you’ve done before and will remain unforgettable for years to come! All our services are adjusted to your needs and preferences. We are here to suggest various activities and events for you, your friends, family or colleagues.


Stella Pt
Stella Pt
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Stroll with Erika is definitely the highlight of the year! Bill is one of a kind!
Petros Vasilakos
Petros Vasilakos
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"Errika" and captain Bill, simply the Best choice!!
Giota Alamaniotou
Giota Alamaniotou
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Excellent service. We had wonderful moments. Everything was super!
Xrisanthi Anastasiadou
Xrisanthi Anastasiadou
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Everything was just great we spent amazing time! "Erika", combined with Vasilis, is the best for such holidays ... we will definitely prefer you again!
Irini Kouskourida
Irini Kouskourida
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Don't miss this Unforgettable experience and the amazing Erika!! Thank you captain!!

Over the years we’ve sailed many miles and yet something has always brought us back here.

Vasilis Tsokos is the heir to a rich sailing tradition and a central pillar in our company, bringing a distinct authenticity and experience to the professional boat charter industry. Vasilis’s story in sailing began in his childhood when, in 1986 at just 10 years old, he started competing in the Optimist and later in the Laser Team categories, competing until 1996 and deepening his relationship with the sea and sailing.
In 1989, Vasilis’s father, Dimitris, purchased the family’s first boat, the “Barbouni,” a Jeanneau Atalia model, marking the beginning of a new era for the family and the region in sailing. During that period, Dimitris Tsokos stood out as one of the pioneers in professional boat chartering in Volos and contributed as a founding member of the shipowners’ association in Volos, ARGO, where he still plays an active role today.
Since 1997, Vasilis has pursued a successful career as a professional skipper, operating through his own business and accumulating invaluable experience and numerous nautical miles. These efforts have contributed to his leading endeavor to share his love for the sea and sailing with the world, offering unique discovery and adventure experiences.
1995-1997 finds him in the Hellenic Navy’s sailing team, where he secured valuable knowledge and skills. His passion for sailing led him to become a coach at the Volos Nautical Club (NOVA) in 2005, training and imparting his knowledge to new generations.
In 2017, with the business experiencing impressive growth, he decided to refresh the company’s image, adopting the trademark “Sail With Us.” Now, the company owns 8 boats, of which 6 are monohulls and 2 are catamarans. Beyond his professional activities, Vasilis has a special love for family and children, drawing inspiration from his role as the father of a young boy, and greatly appreciates the companionship of pets, which are always welcome on his sea adventures.
His ability to speak fluent Greek and English makes him the ideal person to showcase the region’s beauties to visitors from all over the world. Vasilis, with his rich history and continuous contribution to sailing, is the heart of our company, offering value and authenticity to every business and customer who chooses to work with us.

Personal Philosophy: My philosophy in sailing can be summarized in one central idea: “The sea is not just a destination, but a journey towards self-discovery and freedom.” I deeply believe that sailing is much more than the art of steering a vessel through the water. It is a means to connect with nature, to appreciate the beauty of the vast blue, to face challenges with courage, and to learn to respect the forces that surround us.
A personal message to clients: To my clients, I want to convey the following message: “Trust us to take you on a life-changing experience, not only through the exploration of the sea but also through the discovery of your own potential. The sea teaches us patience, resilience, and a love for life. Every sailing expedition is an opportunity to reconnect with the essentials, to leave behind stress, and to discover the tranquility that the sea offers.”

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